Sean grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota making stop-motion animations in his bedroom, snowboarding flicks in the winter, and music videos for unsigned garage bands in his spare time.

At age 18, he had it with the Arctic winters, and moved to Los Angeles to attend film school at Loyola Marymount University. Over the next 3 years he gave every crew position a try from Boom Operating to Cinematography on student films and being a Production Assistant on feature films like Captain America: Winter Soldier and Ant-Man.

After falling in love with the director's chair and Chelsea Bo, they decided to co-direct and co-create the production company Paxeros Creative. Sean's main goal was and still is to turn Paxeros Creative into a creative collective of talented filmmakers that breaks the stereotype of starving artist.

When Sean's not behind a camera, plotting his next creative venture, or making tweaks to this website, you can find him sipping on a cold brew coffee or munching on a chocolate croissant in Playa Vista.


Sean's Past Work: