We pride ourselves on creating
a transparent, professional, and streamlined production process.


Whether you want to develop a project from start to finish or you're only interested in additional services, like videography or editing, we'll be sure to deliver with zest and efficiency.



Before we jump head first into a project, we want to make sure Paxeros Creative is a good fit for what you’re looking for. We can meet in person, talk on the phone, or email to discuss what excites you about your project. Shoot us an email at hello@paxeroscreative.com.


If we’re a good match, we will draft up an estimated budget and timeline for your proposed project. Please understand that without the script and story being locked down, the estimated budget and timeline may fluctuate. You can also request a quote from us here and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.


If the estimate is approved, we’ll send over an agreement. This agreement will lay out our process, the timeline, the estimated budget, and project milestones. 

Milestone #1 is signing the agreement, upon signing we will send an invoice for a deposit, 10% of the budget which is absorbed into the full budget later. This shows that you’re serious about getting this project made and it allows us to start working on the Creative Development ASAP.

Creative Development

Whether you have a sliver of an idea, or a fully written script, we come together here to hammer out a creative vision. The script is the blueprint for the entire video, but if you don’t have one, have no fear, we can write one with you! We pride ourselves on taking direction and if you’re feeling uninspired we’re happy to let our creativity run wild. We have an endless amount of ideas that we’d love to develop! Another aspect of the creative development process is creating a “treatment”. This is a PDF that breaks down the overall concept, story, casting ideas, tone, feel, and look with reference visuals. The script and treatment can take 3-5 days to develop and deliver.


Once the script and/or treatment is approved, we can move into pre-production. This will be Milestone #2, at this point we will bill you for the production cost, typically around 50-60% of the overall budget. Then we will begin to plan the entire film shoot which includes locking down locations, permits, budget, crew (15-40 people), shooting schedule, shot list, storyboards, production design, costume design, and casting. You can be as involved or hands-off as you want during this process. Typically, we spend 1-3 weeks in pre-production depending on the complexity of the project.


Principal Photography

This is where the creative and all the planning comes to life. Principal Photography is the filming of live-action footage on location or on a stage. Our goal for this phase is to capture awesome performances from each actor, create cinematic and professional shots, and gather professional production sound. Principal Photography can last anywhere between 1-3 days for commercials, branded content, and music videos - narrative and series work can take longer.

Post Production

The length of the video, amount of footage captured, and incorporation of Visual Effects (VFX) & Motion Graphics (MGX) will determine the length of the post-production schedule. The more VFX and/or MGX, the longer the process is. During post-production, an editor will start with an assembly cut (based off of the script), then a rough cut and a fine cut, which will both be submitted for your notes. Once the notes are implemented, we’ll picture lock the edit. After picture locking, we send the edit to sound design and color correction. This Post-Production phase will generally last 2-4 weeks.


This is the moment we’ve all been working towards - a final product! This is Milestone #3, this is when we bill for the remaining balance of the budget. Upon receiving the final payment, we will send a high-resolution master file and a ready-to-upload YouTube/Facebook file. We hope you enjoyed the process and that it won’t be your last video with us!